Targetive and High quality traffic means more profit.

Going Directly to Advertizer monetization achieve higher RPMs.

Monetize Quality targetive mobile device traffic.

About Bjerking Consulting Pty Ltd

Who we are

Bjerking Consulting combines almost 40 years experience in the online advertising space.

  • We started in 2001 as Vanguard Integration, leveraging years of experience in the “integration” space to develop systems that connected advertisers to publishers.
  • we were pioneers in the systems integration space, providing a single User Interface that provided a “super portal” into multiple Advertisers and Publishers, as early as 2004!
  • 15 years later, we are wiser, more experienced, and still loving the industry. As you know, with new privacy laws and changes in the industry, it’s been a rapidly changing space and we’ve been able to support our clients in systems development and finding alternative monetization methods
  • Bjerking Consulting is best at monetization. Long gone are the days of PPC dependency. Our focus has been on creating systems and extracting value from all types of traffic, ranging form CPA, CPC, CPM, and in GEO’s that most people would not even consider worth investing their time and traffic.

Our Services


Driven by statistical data, AutoPilot idenfifies the highest paying channel for each domain visitor.

Systems Development

We specialize in Systems Integration, connecting Publishers to the best Advertiser.


Support. We provide 24 hour system support to ensure your mission critical systems are always running smoothly, and your traffic revenues continue to flow!


Over 5 years of experience in buying and selling domain names. Millions of doallars in transactions and we know how to get it done.

Domain Appraisals

Every domain counts. How much may your domain cost? Our professional team will help with your appraisals.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us to learn how we can help you increase internet traffic revenue.

Faq Question

Well, glad you asked, and here’s a summary. We are:

  • Pioneers in the Domain Name space. (since 2004)
  • System developers. We helped developed DOTS back in 2004. Many know DOTS as the first integrated super-portal, connecting multiple publishers and advertisers.
  • Committed. You’ll always find one of us online and willing to help! (We have clients in various time zones!)
  • We sell domain navigation traffic to Google, Yahoo and other CPA programs
  • Our systems connect traffic to upstream advertisers in real-time and based on proprietary technology.
  • We built a network of advertisers that is unique.
  • We have 15 years of data that we leverage to know how to best monetize your traffic.
  • we are using unique technology and systems that help us to connect the right internet traffic to advertisers resulting in some impressive results for all involved.

    Internet Traffic Monetization

    Converting existing incentive and non-incentive traffic being sent to a particular advetsiers into revenue.

    It is important to let owners know how to maximize their valuable internet traffic.

    Domain Brokerage

    Domain brokers are specialize in buying and selling high-value, high-performance domain names

    Our brokering team had help several organizations to gain control of high-level domains that will buil their business forward.

    Traffic Marketplace

    Traffic arbitrage is a online business model where a person can buy traffic at a low cost and resell it to earn tremendous profit.

    Our Marketplace connect the buyer of the internet traffic and website owner/ domain holder. Contact us and find out more.

    Systems Development

    The technology required to route publisher’s traffic in real-time to the most appropriate advertiser has evolved over many years. Our clients system DOTS is widely recognized in the industry as a premium monetization solution, able to extract revenue from traffic that other solutions are not able to.

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